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Astrophytum cv OIBBO x SUPERKABUTO x capricorne 173

Astrophytum cv OIBBO x SUPERKABUTO x capricorne 173

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Astrophytum, a genus of cacti native to North America, contains several naturally occurring species and many cultivated hybrids. Here's a general description of Astrophytum hybrids and an overview of their rarities:

Description of Astrophytum Hybrids:

  1. Appearance: Astrophytum hybrids often exhibit a combination of traits from their parent species. They may have spherical or columnar stems with distinctive ribbing and areoles.

  2. Coloration: The coloration can vary widely depending on the specific hybrid. It may include shades of green, blue-green, yellow, or even reddish hues.

  3. Spines: Astrophytum hybrids typically have minimal or no spines, though some may have short, soft spines or bristles around the areoles.

  4. Flowers: When mature, Astrophytum hybrids produce large, showy flowers. The flower color can range from yellow to orange, and sometimes even red or pink.


  1. Common Hybrids: Some Astrophytum hybrids are more commonly cultivated and are readily available in the market. These hybrids are usually produced through controlled breeding programs and are relatively easier to find.

  2. Rare Hybrids: Other hybrids are less common and may be considered rare due to several factors such as limited availability, difficulty in cultivation, or unique characteristics. These rare hybrids may command higher prices and are sought after by collectors.

  3. Collector's Items: Certain Astrophytum hybrids are highly prized by collectors due to their rarity, unique features, or historical significance. These collector's items can be quite difficult to obtain and are often coveted within the cactus enthusiast community.

  4. Newly Developed Hybrids: As breeding techniques advance, new Astrophytum hybrids continue to be developed, introducing novel combinations of traits and colors. These newly developed hybrids may initially be rare but could become more accessible as they enter the market.

Overall, the rarity of Astrophytum hybrids can vary widely depending on factors such as popularity, availability, and demand within the cactus collecting community. Collectors interested in acquiring rare Astrophytum hybrids may need to network with specialized nurseries, attend cactus shows, or participate in online trading communities to obtain these coveted specimens.


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