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Thelocactus hexaedrophorus VARIEGATED 13X

Thelocactus hexaedrophorus VARIEGATED 13X

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Thelocactus hexaedrophorus, including its form spiralis, is a solitary and highly variable cactus species known for its distinctive flattened stems and the potential for spiral growth patterns, which adds a unique aesthetic appeal to this plant. The species exhibits a wide range of variability across its distribution, especially in stem, spine, and flower morphology, making some of its forms, such as spiralis, particularly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts​

The plant itself can grow globose or somewhat flattened at the top, displaying a glaucous, olive-green, or greyish-green color, which may eventually tinge in pink or purple. It typically reaches heights of 3-7.5 cm and diameters of 8-15(-20) cm, featuring strong and variable spines that are difficult to categorize strictly as central or radial. The flowers of Thelocactus hexaedrophorus are notably silvery-white or occasionally pinkish, with diameters of 4.5-5.5(-10) cm when fully expanded​.

The form spiralis, not explicitly mentioned in the sources, refers to the unique growth pattern where the plant's tubercles arrange themselves in a spiral formation. This form is exceptionally rare and sought after due to its unusual and visually striking appearance. The rarity of the spiralis form can be attributed to genetic variation within the species, making it a prized possession for cactus collectors and enthusiasts looking for unique specimens to add to their collections.

In general, Thelocactus species, including hexaedrophorus, are relatively easy to cultivate but may not flower until they are around five years old. They thrive in soils composed of equal parts sand and humus, requiring normal watering from spring to autumn while keeping them at a minimum temperature of 8 °C during winter. Seeds are the primary means of reproduction, as the plant rarely produces plantlets. Seeds should be sown in a mixture of sand and compost, kept moist, and maintained at around 21 °C in a shady position for germination​.

The spiralis form of Thelocactus hexaedrophorus, due to its rarity and distinct spiral growth pattern, may require additional attention from collectors to maintain its unique shape and ensure its health. Enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in specialized forums and societies to share cultivation tips and experiences in growing this and other rare cacti forms.


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