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Notocactus uebelmannianus CRESTED

Notocactus uebelmannianus CRESTED

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Notocactus uebelmannianus, when crested, transforms into a truly captivating and unusual specimen in the world of cacti. The standard form of Notocactus uebelmannianus, known for its globular shape and striking violet flowers, becomes even more intriguing in its crested version.

In the crested form, the Notocactus uebelmannianus abandons its usual spherical shape. Instead, it exhibits a fascinating, wavy, and often brain-like structure. This cresting occurs due to a rare mutation in the cactus’s growth point, causing it to expand laterally in a ribbon-like fashion rather than in the typical radial symmetry of most cacti. As a result, the plant forms undulating ridges and furrows, offering a unique and almost otherworldly appearance.

The coloration of the crested Notocactus uebelmannianus is typically a vibrant green, sometimes with bluish or purplish hues, and it may still produce its characteristic spines along the crests, although they are often less pronounced than in the non-crested form.

Notably, the crested form of this cactus is a collector’s item, prized for its rare and ornamental qualities. It grows relatively slowly and requires similar care to other cacti: well-draining soil, plenty of sunlight, and infrequent watering. It’s important to note that this plant is not frost-tolerant and should be protected from cold temperatures.

The crested Notocactus uebelmannianus is a remarkable and visually striking plant that stands out in any cactus collection. Its unique growth pattern and beautiful coloration make it a highly sought-after specimen for cactus enthusiasts and collectors.



A phytosanitary certificate (for additional costs of €20,00) is necessary for export plants from Italy to ALL destinations out of EUROPEAN COMMUNITY.

Among which: United Kingdom Turkey, South America, USA, CanadaAustralia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, etc.



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