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Micranthocereus auri-azureus HU346 SEEDS

Micranthocereus auri-azureus HU346 SEEDS

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Micranthocereus auri-azureus HU346 is a specific cultivar within the Micranthocereus genus, is a rare and visually striking cactus species. This cactus is native to a limited region in Brazil and is highly prized by cactus enthusiasts for its unique characteristics.

The most notable feature of Micranthocereus auri-azureus HU346 is its slender, columnar growth habit. The cactus typically grows upright and can reach a considerable height relative to its diameter, presenting a striking vertical element in collections or landscapes. The body of the cactus is marked by a vibrant blue-green color, which is where it gets part of its name 'auri-azureus' - a reference to its golden (auri) and blue (azureus) hues.

Another remarkable aspect of this species is the presence of areoles that produce bright yellow spines. These spines contrast beautifully with the cactus's blue-green skin, adding to its ornamental appeal.

Micranthocereus auri-azureus HU346 blooms with attractive, funnel-shaped flowers. These flowers are typically pink or purple, providing a stunning visual contrast against the cactus’s body. The blooms usually appear in the summer and are known for their beauty and size.

In cultivation, Micranthocereus auri-azureus HU346 requires conditions that mimic its native habitat. It prefers well-draining soil, moderate watering (with reduced watering in the winter), and plenty of sunlight. Due to its rarity and striking appearance, this cactus is a coveted addition to collections, where it adds an exotic and colorful touch. Its unique coloration and structure make it a standout specimen among cactus enthusiasts and collectors.

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Micranthocereus

Botanical species: Micranthocereus auri-azureus

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