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Matucana madisoniorum SEEDS

Matucana madisoniorum SEEDS

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Matucana madisoniorum is a distinctive species of cactus known for its unique and striking appearance. Native to the high-altitude regions of Peru, this cactus is particularly adapted to harsh, rocky environments. It typically grows in a globular form, which can elongate over time, reaching up to 15 cm in height and about 5-7 cm in diameter. The skin of the cactus is a deep green, and it features prominent vertical ribs lined with areoles.

One of the most eye-catching characteristics of Matucana madisoniorum is its spines. Each areole produces several spines, which can be straight or slightly curved, ranging in color from white to a pale yellow or brown. These spines give the cactus a distinctive, somewhat fierce appearance.

The flowers of Matucana madisoniorum are another remarkable feature. They are large in relation to the size of the plant and are typically a vibrant red or orange, adding a splash of color that contrasts beautifully with the green of the cactus. These tubular flowers usually bloom in the summer and are known for their beauty.

Matucana madisoniorum is a popular choice among cactus enthusiasts due to its unique form and stunning flowers. It requires well-draining soil and should be watered moderately, with reduced watering in the winter months. The plant prefers bright light and can tolerate direct sunlight, making it suitable for sunny indoor spaces or outdoor rock gardens in mild climates. Its manageable size and ornamental value make it a prized addition to any cactus collection, offering both visual interest and a touch of exotic charm.

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Matucana

Botanical species: Matucana madisoniorum

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