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Copiapoa cinerascens X atacamensis ZZ1

Copiapoa cinerascens X atacamensis ZZ1

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Product Description

Copiapoa cinerascens X atacamensis is a very rare hybrid resulting from the crossbreeding of Copiapoa cinerascens and Copiapoa atacamensis. 


  1. Appearance: Copiapoa cinerascens X atacamensis typically exhibits a spherical or slightly cylindrical shape with well-defined ribs. It may grow to a moderate size, reaching heights of around 10-30 centimeters.

  2. Body: The body of this hybrid may vary in color, ranging from gray-green to bluish-green. It often features a woolly or powdery coating, especially when young.

  3. Spines: The spines of Copiapoa cinerascens X atacamensis are usually short and stout, varying in color from light brown to grayish. They are usually arranged along the ribs and can be quite dense.

  4. Flowering: During the blooming season, this hybrid may produce small yellow flowers. The flowers are relatively inconspicuous compared to other features of the plant.

  5. Habitat: Copiapoa cinerascens X atacamensis is commonly cultivated by succulent enthusiasts. It thrives in well-draining soil and requires ample sunlight exposure to maintain its health and appearance.

Additional Notes:

This hybrid combines characteristics of both parent species, resulting in a plant with unique traits that may vary depending on the specific genetic makeup. It is valued by collectors for its interesting appearance and adaptability to cultivation.


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