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Cereus peruvianus SPIRALIS form nudum CLONE 21K SEEDS

Cereus peruvianus SPIRALIS form nudum CLONE 21K SEEDS

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Cereus peruvianus SPIRALIS form nudum, often known as the Spiral Cereus or Spiral Torch Cactus, is a captivating succulent celebrated for its enchanting, twisting stems that resemble a natural work of art. Originating from South America, particularly Peru, this cactus species is a striking addition to arid landscapes and succulent collections.

The defining feature of this form is its unique growth pattern, as the stems exhibit a captivating spiral or corkscrew effect. The stems, which can reach impressive heights over time, showcase a rhythmic and mesmerizing twist that adds a dynamic and sculptural quality to the plant.

In addition to its distinctive form, Cereus peruvianus SPIRALIS form nudum produces large, nocturnal flowers that bloom sporadically. These flowers, usually white or cream in color, add a delicate contrast to the robust and twisting columns, often attracting pollinators during their brief blooming periods.

Well-suited to arid conditions, this cactus thrives in well-draining soil and prefers full sunlight. Its low-maintenance requirements and ability to withstand periods of drought make it a popular choice for xeriscaping and succulent gardens.

Whether as a standalone feature in a dry garden or part of a diverse collection of cacti, Cereus peruvianus SPIRALIS form nudum stands as a testament to nature's capacity for creating visually stunning and captivating adaptations in the plant kingdom.

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Cereus

Botanical species: Cereus peruvianus SPIRALIS form nudum CLONE 21K

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