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Cereus peruvians SPIRALIS & KIKKO A70

Cereus peruvians SPIRALIS & KIKKO A70

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Cereus peruvianus 'Spiralis & Kikko' is a unique and highly ornamental cultivar of the Cereus peruvianus, a species of cactus known for its impressive size and structure. This particular variety combines two distinctive growth patterns, 'Spiralis' and 'Kikko', making it a fascinating and sought-after plant among cactus enthusiasts.

  1. Spiral Growth Form (Spiralis): The 'Spiralis' aspect of this cultivar refers to its unusual spiral growth habit. Unlike the typical straight, columnar growth of standard Cereus peruvianus, 'Spiralis' forms a remarkable helical structure, with the ribs of the cactus twisting around the central axis, creating a natural spiral effect.

  2. Tortoise Shell Pattern (Kikko): The 'Kikko' characteristic, which translates to 'tortoise shell' in Japanese, adds another layer of uniqueness. This feature is manifested in the raised, hexagonal or pentagonal patterns on the cactus's surface, resembling a turtle shell's geometry. This pattern is not just decorative but also adds an interesting texture to the plant.

  3. Appearance: Combining these two features, Cereus peruvianus 'Spiralis & Kikko' displays a spiraled growth pattern embellished with the distinct 'Kikko' texturing. This combination results in a highly decorative and sculptural appearance.

  4. Size and Growth: Like other Cereus peruvianus varieties, this cultivar can grow quite tall, often reaching several feet in height, although the growth rate might be slower compared to the standard form due to its unique structure.

  5. Flowers and Fruits: It may produce large, fragrant, white flowers at night, typical of many cacti in the Cereus genus. These can be followed by edible fruits.


  • Light: Requires full sun to partial shade. The spiral growth pattern can be more pronounced when the plant receives ample sunlight.
  • Soil: Needs well-draining soil typical for cacti. Adding sand or perlite can improve drainage.
  • Watering: Water moderately, allowing the soil to dry out completely between watering sessions. Reduce watering in winter.
  • Temperature: Protect from frost, as it is not cold-hardy.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilize during the growing season with a cactus-specific fertilizer.

Cereus peruvianus 'Spiralis & Kikko' is a true standout for its striking spiral growth and intriguing 'Kikko' texture. It is an excellent choice for cactus collectors or anyone looking for an unusual and eye-catching plant. Despite its exotic appearance, its care requirements are relatively straightforward and similar to those of other Cereus species.



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