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Cereus forbesii cv Fukurokuryuzinboku BLU monstruosus C283 *

Cereus forbesii cv Fukurokuryuzinboku BLU monstruosus C283 *

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Product Description

Cereus forbesii cv. Fukurokuryuzinboku," also known colloquially as "Monstrose Apple Cactus," is a unique and highly sought-after cultivar in the cactus world. This plant is a variant of the standard Cereus forbesii and is notable for its unusual growth patterns and striking appearance. Here is a detailed description:


  1. Growth Form: The most distinctive feature of Fukurokuryuzinboku is its irregular, undulating, and often contorted growth form. Unlike the typical columnar growth of standard Cereus forbesii, this cultivar exhibits a more bulbous and ribbed structure, with sections that can appear almost knobby or warped.

  2. Surface Texture: The surface of this cactus is typically green, sometimes with a bluish tinge. Its ribs are more pronounced and irregular compared to the standard species.

  3. Spines: The spines on Fukurokuryuzinboku are generally fewer and shorter than those on a typical Cereus forbesii. They may vary in color from yellowish to brown.

  4. Size: While Cereus forbesii can grow quite tall, the Fukurokuryuzinboku cultivar often remains more compact due to its irregular growth habit. It can still reach a considerable size but is generally more manageable for cultivation in pots or smaller garden spaces.

  5. Flowers and Fruits: Like other Cereus species, Fukurokuryuzinboku can produce flowers and fruits. The flowers are typically large, white, and nocturnal, opening at night and closing by morning. The fruits are edible, resembling small apples, hence the common name "Apple Cactus."

Cultivation Tips

  • Sunlight: Full sun is ideal for promoting healthy growth and maintaining the plant's unique shape.

  • Watering: Employ a 'soak and dry' method, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings.

  • Soil: Use a well-draining cactus mix to prevent root rot.

  • Temperature: It prefers warm temperatures but should be protected from extreme cold and frost.

  • Propagation: Propagation is typically done through cuttings, which can be more successful than seed propagation, especially for maintaining the unique characteristics of the cultivar.

  • Potting and Repotting: Choose a pot with good drainage and repot every few years to refresh the soil.

Fukurokuryuzinboku is prized for its unique, sculptural appearance, making it a popular choice for cactus collectors and enthusiasts. Its care requirements are similar to other cacti, making it relatively easy to grow while offering a strikingly different aesthetic.


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