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Carica papaya cv. "INDIANA" SEEDS

Carica papaya cv. "INDIANA" SEEDS

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Carica papaya, commonly known as papaya, is a tropical fruit tree that produces one of the most widely consumed and enjoyed fruits in the world. "Indiana" is a specific cultivar or variety of papaya known for its distinct characteristics and appeal.

  • Fruit: The "Indiana" cultivar is known for its medium-sized, elongated, and pear-shaped fruits. These papayas typically have smooth, thin skin that turns from green to yellow when ripe. The flesh is orange, firm, and sweet, making it ideal for fresh consumption, smoothies, or fruit salads.

  • Size: The papaya tree of the "Indiana" cultivar tends to be smaller in size compared to some other papaya varieties, making it suitable for home gardens or smaller spaces.

  • Growth: "Indiana" papaya trees are known for their vigorous growth and relatively fast fruit production, often yielding ripe fruit within a year or so of planting.

  • Flavor: The fruit of the "Indiana" cultivar is celebrated for its excellent flavor, characterized by a sweet and tropical taste with hints of citrus.

  • Disease Resistance: Some "Indiana" papaya varieties may exhibit improved resistance to certain diseases and pests, making them a preferred choice for growers in regions where these issues are prevalent.

Papayas, including the "Indiana" cultivar, thrive in tropical and subtropical climates with warm temperatures and well-draining soil. They require plenty of sunlight to produce fruit and benefit from regular watering. These trees can be grown in gardens, orchards, or even in large containers, making them a versatile choice for home gardeners and commercial growers alike.

"Indiana" papayas are beloved for their delicious, sweet fruit, making them a popular choice for those seeking to grow their tropical fruits or enjoy a taste of the tropics in their own gardens.


Botanical family: Caricaceae

Botanical genus: Carica

Botanical species: Carica papaya

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