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Capsicum annuum SEEDS

Capsicum annuum SEEDS

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Capsicum annuum is a fruit-producing plant belonging to the Solanaceae family, within the Capsicum genus. Native to the northern parts of South America and the southwestern regions of North America, it produces berries in various colors including red, green, and yellow, often with a pungent taste. With over 200 varieties, it includes common names like paprika, chili pepper, jalapeño, cayenne, and many more. This species is one of the oldest cultivated crops, with domestication dating back about 6,000 years ago in areas of Mexico. Capsicum annuum plays a crucial role in culinary applications, medicine, self-defense, and even as an ornamental plant​​.

For cultivation from seeds, starting indoors in a controlled environment is recommended to ensure optimal conditions. A well-drained, rich soil is important, and the plants should be kept in full to nearly full sun in hot climates to prevent scorching. Sowing can be done indoors at the end of winter or at the start of spring as an annual plant. The plants benefit from support, such as staking, especially in the later stages of their growth when the fruits become heavy. Some Capsicum annuum varieties are prized for their early maturity, allowing for harvesting just 60 days after transplanting, which is especially valuable for those living in northern climates with short growing seasons​​.

Capsicum annuum plants can vary greatly in terms of height, form, and leaf color. Most varieties benefit from being tied to supports to provide additional support. This species is appreciated for its early maturation, with some jalapeños ready for harvest just 60 days after transplanting, a significant advantage for gardeners in northern climates with short growing seasons. Capsicum annuum plants can have flowers of various colors, most of which are white, but some have beautiful purple flowers. The foliage can range from rich, bright green to almost black, with some varieties featuring variegated leaves​ .

Regarding use, Capsicum annuum offers an incredible diversity of flavors and culinary applications. From jalapeños used in spicy salsas and chilis to sweet cayenne peppers primarily used in powder or hot sauces, to New Mexico (hatch) peppers known for their unripe consumption and poblano peppers, essential in the Mexican dish of chiles rellenos. There are also ornamental varieties like the Fish pepper, with variegated foliage, and the Black Pearl, with almost black leaves​


Botanical family: Solanaceae

Botanical genus: Capsicum

Botanical species: Capsicum annuum

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