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Brahea armata 10-15cm

Brahea armata 10-15cm

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Product Description

Brahea armata, commonly known as the Mexican Blue Palm or Blue Hesper Palm, is a striking palm tree species native to arid regions of northwestern Mexico, particularly the Baja California Peninsula. It is prized for its striking blue-gray or blue-green fronds and its adaptability to arid and desert-like conditions. Here's a more detailed description and some cultivation tips for Brahea armata:

  1. Appearance:

    • Trunk: The Mexican Blue Palm features a stout, solitary trunk covered in old leaf bases. The trunk is typically gray to brown in color.
    • Fronds: The most distinctive feature of this palm is its silvery-blue to blue-gray fronds, which are fan-shaped and divided into numerous segments. These fronds can grow to be 4-6 feet (1.2-1.8 meters) in length.
    • Size: Mature Mexican Blue Palms can reach heights of 20-30 feet (6-9 meters).
  2. Growth Rate:

    • Brahea armata is a slow-growing palm, meaning it takes many years to reach its full height. This slow growth rate makes it well-suited for long-term landscaping.
  3. Environment:

    • Mexican Blue Palms thrive in arid and desert environments.
    • They require full sun exposure to grow well.
    • These palms are drought-tolerant once established and can withstand extreme heat.


  1. Planting:

    • Choose a location with well-draining soil. These palms do not like wet or waterlogged soil.
    • When planting, ensure that the root ball is level with the ground surface. Avoid planting too deeply.
  2. Watering:

    • While Mexican Blue Palms are drought-tolerant once established, young palms may need regular watering during their establishment phase.
    • Water deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry out between watering sessions. Overwatering can lead to root rot.
  3. Fertilization:

    • Fertilize your Brahea armata sparingly with a slow-release palm fertilizer in the spring and early summer. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for application rates.
  4. Pruning:

    • Remove dead or damaged fronds as needed, but avoid cutting healthy green fronds, as this can stress the palm.
  5. Protection from Cold:

    • Mexican Blue Palms can be sensitive to frost and cold temperatures. If you live in a colder climate, provide protection, such as wrapping the trunk with insulation, during cold snaps.
  6. Pest and Disease Management:

    • These palms are relatively pest and disease-resistant, but like all plants, they may occasionally encounter issues. Keep an eye out for signs of pests or diseases and take appropriate measures if needed.
  7. Mulching:

    • Applying a layer of mulch around the base of the palm can help retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.
  8. Propagation:

    • Mexican Blue Palms can be propagated from seeds, but this can be a slow process. It's more common to purchase established nursery-grown palms.

Remember that the key to successful cultivation of Brahea armata is providing it with the right environmental conditions, particularly well-draining soil, full sun, and proper watering practices. Once established, these palms can be a stunning addition to arid and desert landscapes, adding a touch of unique beauty with their striking blue-gray fronds.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that picture 1 show adult plant not for sale, the offer is for a plant in the dimension indicated in title description.c.

Please be aware that most plants change across seasons. For example, some of them will naturally lose leaves or change in colour during colder months. Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations about the plants of your interest.


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