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Berberis thunbergii cv. atropurpurea 40-60cm

Berberis thunbergii cv. atropurpurea 40-60cm

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Berberis thunbergii cv. atropurpurea, commonly known as the Purple Japanese Barberry, is a deciduous shrub celebrated for its elegant and dramatic appearance. Originating from East Asia, this cultivar is prized for its rich burgundy to deep purple foliage, adding a regal touch to gardens and landscapes.

The Purple Japanese Barberry is characterized by its compact, mounded form and small, obovate leaves that are arranged in an alternating fashion along its arching branches. The deep purple coloration persists throughout the growing season, intensifying in the fall to create a spectacular display of crimson and scarlet hues.

In spring, inconspicuous yellow flowers emerge, adding a subtle charm to the shrub. These are followed by small red berries, contributing to the plant's ornamental appeal and providing seasonal interest.

Well-suited to a variety of garden settings, Berberis thunbergii cv. atropurpurea is often used as a hedge, border, or specimen plant. Its adaptability to different soil types and relatively low maintenance make it a popular choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

While valued for its aesthetic qualities, it's important to note that some cultivars of Berberis thunbergii can be invasive in certain regions. Checking with local authorities regarding its suitability for planting in your area is advisable.

The Purple Japanese Barberry stands as a testament to the diversity and beauty of ornamental shrubs, offering not only visual appeal but also ease of cultivation, making it a favored addition to gardens seeking a touch of royal elegance.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that picture 1 show adult plant not for sale, the offer is for a plant in the dimension indicated in title description.

Please be aware that most plants change across seasons. For example, some of them will naturally lose leaves or change in colour during colder months. Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations about the plants of your interest.


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