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Astrophytum asterias cv HANAZONO 085B SEEDS

Astrophytum asterias cv HANAZONO 085B SEEDS

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Astrophytum asterias, commonly known as the Sand Dollar Cactus or Sea Urchin Cactus, is a charming and distinctive member of the cactus family native to Mexico. Known for its compact, globular shape and unique markings, it has become a favorite among cactus enthusiasts and collectors.

The natural form of Astrophytum asterias features a round body covered in white or yellowish woolly tufts and distinctive patterns of spots or lines, resembling a celestial body. Its resemblance to an otherworldly star has earned it the nickname "Star Cactus." In its native habitat, it often grows in rocky, well-draining soils in arid regions.

Cultivars of Astrophytum asterias have been developed over time, each showcasing variations in color, markings, and overall appearance. Some common cultivars include the popular "Super Kabuto," distinguished by its pronounced ridges and unique patterns, and the "Hanazono" cultivar, known for specific characteristics that enthusiasts may find appealing.

These cultivars often result from careful cultivation and hybridization, creating variations that highlight certain features or introduce novel characteristics. Whether it's the classic Astrophytum asterias or its cultivated counterparts, these cacti are prized for their compact size, ease of care, and the visual appeal of their markings.

Cultivating Astrophytum asterias and its cultivars typically requires well-draining soil, ample sunlight, and careful attention to watering to mimic its native arid conditions. These charming cacti stand as shining examples of the diverse and captivating world of succulents.


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