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Ariocarpus bravoanus X trigonus LS3

Ariocarpus bravoanus X trigonus LS3

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Description of Ariocarpus Bravoanus x Trigonus

Physical Appearance

The hybrid inherits its robust and intriguing physical traits from both parent species. It features a geometric, star-shaped body typical of the Ariocarpus genus, with the surface often displaying a mix of textures and patterns derived from its parents. The body of the plant is green to blue-green, with a somewhat rough, warty texture that is characteristic of Ariocarpus bravoanus, while the more pronounced tubercles may echo the Ariocarpus trigonus lineage.

Flowers and Growth

The Ariocarpus bravoanus x trigonus typically blooms in late fall, producing flowers that can vary in color from pale pink to white, often with a subtle hint of yellow or red at the center, hinting at the genetic diversity inherited from its parentage. The hybrid's growth rate is slow, as with most Ariocarpus species, making it a plant of patience and longevity.


The hybrid generally maintains a modest size, making it suitable for cultivation in smaller spaces such as pots or rock gardens. Over years, it can develop a considerable size compared to its initial seedling stage but remains compact enough for enthusiasts with limited space.

Rarity and Cultivation

The Ariocarpus bravoanus x trigonus hybrid is relatively rare due to several factors:

Limited Natural Occurrence

Both parent species, Ariocarpus bravoanus and Ariocarpus trigonus, are themselves rare and native to limited geographical areas in Mexico. The hybridization of these two species, whether occurring naturally or through human intervention, results in a plant that is not commonly found in the wild.

Cultivation Challenges

Cultivating this hybrid requires specific conditions that mimic its natural habitat – low water, high light, and excellent drainage. These conditions, along with the slow growth rate and the plant's sensitivity to overwatering and cold, make it a challenging yet rewarding endeavor for dedicated collectors and enthusiasts.


Propagation of Ariocarpus bravoanus x trigonus is primarily through seeds, as vegetative propagation is not commonly practiced with this genus. The rarity of the seeds, coupled with the slow growth and maturation of the plants, adds to its rarity and value among collectors.


Ariocarpus bravoanus x trigonus stands as a testament to the beauty and diversity of the succulent world, embodying the unique characteristics of its parent species. Its rarity, combined with its striking appearance and the cultivation challenges it presents, make it a highly sought-after plant for collectors and enthusiasts. As with many rare plants, cultivating this hybrid offers an opportunity to contribute to the conservation of unique genetic plant material, fostering a deeper appreciation for plant diversity and the complexities of hybridizatioN.


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