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Agave ovatifolia x bovicornuta GREEN (Mr. Corsi HYBRID) 1

Agave ovatifolia x bovicornuta GREEN (Mr. Corsi HYBRID) 1

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The hybrid Agave ovatifolia x bovicornuta, often associated with Mr. Corsi's hybridization efforts, represents a unique cross within the Agave genus. These hybrids are the result of deliberate cross-pollination between different Agave species, aiming to combine desirable traits from each parent plant. The popularity of Agave hybrids, including those created by Mr. Corsi, stems from their distinct appearances and often enhanced resilience or adaptability to various climates and conditions.

Agave hybrids are noted for their wide variety in appearance, which may include differences in size, color, texture, and leaf shape, making them appealing for ornamental gardening and landscaping. Some hybrids are specifically bred for increased cold hardiness or drought tolerance, broadening their suitability across diverse environments. Hybridization can also introduce novel features such as unique color patterns, growth habits, or leaf structures that are not found in parent species. These hybrids typically inherit the low-maintenance and resilient qualities of their parent Agaves, making them ideal for xeriscaping and arid garden designs​.

Agave ovatifolia, one of the parent plants, known as the 'whale tongue agave,' is a relatively new species described in 2002. Originating from the northeastern corner of Mexico, it is celebrated for its striking appearance, featuring chunky, icy-blue, deeply scalloped leaves forming large rosettes. This species has proven to be one of the hardiest, making it a favorable choice for gardeners in various climates​.

The rarity of the Agave ovatifolia x bovicornuta hybrid can be attributed to the specific combination of traits from its parent plants and the expertise involved in creating such a cross. Collectors and enthusiasts often seek these hybrids for their unique beauty and adaptability, making them valuable additions to succulent collections and drought-tolerant landscapes.

While specific details about the rarity and distribution of Mr. Corsi's hybrid are not extensively documented online, the general interest in and the cultivation of Agave hybrids suggest a niche appeal. These plants may be available through specialized nurseries or collectors, especially those focusing on rare or exotic succulents.

Please be aware that since the day we took pictures of this plant, the plant may have grown, and appear slightly different than what you saw portrayed.


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