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Adansonia samibarensis SEEDS

Adansonia samibarensis SEEDS

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Adansonia samibarensis, commonly known as the Sami Baobab, is a remarkable and relatively rare species of baobab tree native to the African continent. Here's a brief description of Adansonia samibarensis:

Adansonia samibarensis is a medium-sized to large deciduous tree that belongs to the Adansonia genus, known for its iconic baobab trees. This species is primarily found in specific regions of East and Central Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. It is characterized by several distinctive features:

  1. Trunk: The Sami Baobab typically has a massive, bottle-shaped trunk that can reach heights of up to 15-20 meters (50-66 feet) and a diameter of about 5-6 meters (16-20 feet). The trunk is often smooth and grayish-brown, and it may develop a slightly conical shape as the tree matures.

  2. Leaves: Adansonia samibarensis produces large, palmate (hand-shaped) leaves with several leaflets that radiate from a central point. These leaves are bright green and provide some shade during the rainy season but tend to drop during the dry season.

  3. Flowers: The tree produces large, pendulous flowers that are typically white or cream-colored. These flowers are striking and have a unique appearance. They open at night and are often pollinated by nocturnal creatures like bats.

  4. Fruit: The fruit of the Sami Baobab is an elongated, woody capsule filled with pulp and seeds. The fruit is commonly used for food, and the seeds are sometimes extracted and consumed as well.

Adansonia samibarensis, like other baobab species, is known for its cultural significance and practical uses among local communities in its native range. The tree serves as a valuable resource for food, water, and traditional medicine. Its massive trunk and unique appearance also make it a symbol of the African savannah and an iconic feature of the landscape in its natural habitat.

Botanical family: Malvaceae

Botanical genus: Adansonia

Botanical species: Adansonia samibarensis

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