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Adansonia gregorii SEEDS

Adansonia gregorii SEEDS

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Adansonia gregorii, commonly known as the Boab tree or Australian Baobab, is a distinctive and iconic tree native to northwestern Australia. It belongs to the Adansonia genus, which includes several baobab tree species known for their unique appearance and cultural significance. Here's a brief description of Adansonia gregorii:

Adansonia gregorii is a striking tree characterized by its stout, bottle-shaped trunk that can reach impressive dimensions, with some individuals exceeding 20 meters (65 feet) in height and several meters in diameter. The trunk is often swollen and bulbous, which gives it a distinctive appearance and enables it to store water, a valuable adaptation in arid regions.

The bark of the Boab tree is smooth and reddish-gray when young, gradually becoming rough and grayish as the tree ages. During the dry season, the tree typically loses its leaves, and its branches take on a gnarled, twisted appearance.

Adansonia gregorii produces large, fragrant white flowers with a tubular shape, which open at night and are pollinated by bats and moths. These flowers give way to large, woody fruits that contain seeds within a powdery pulp. Indigenous Australian cultures have traditionally used various parts of the Boab tree for food, water storage, and medicinal purposes, making it culturally significant.

The Boab tree is not only known for its unique and ancient appearance but also for its ability to thrive in harsh, arid environments, making it an iconic symbol of the Australian outback. Its striking silhouette against the desert landscape has made it a subject of fascination for botanists, artists, and travelers alike.

Botanical family: Malvaceae

Botanical genus: Adansonia

Botanical species: Adansonia gregorii

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