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Acanthus mollis SEEDS

Acanthus mollis SEEDS

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Acanthus mollis, commonly known as bear's breeches, is a remarkable perennial plant renowned for its ornamental elegance and distinctive appearance. Originating from Mediterranean regions, this herbaceous beauty boasts large, glossy green leaves, deeply lobed and finely serrated, creating a dramatic and intricate texture. During the summer, tall, sturdy flower spikes emerge, bearing captivating, hood-like blossoms in shades of white or pinkish-purple, adorned with intricate veins.

In gardens, Acanthus mollis shines as a striking addition, thriving in a variety of conditions. It prefers well-drained soil and can adapt to both partial shade and full sun. Regular pruning of spent flowers helps maintain its vitality and aesthetics. This versatile plant has earned its place in the world of landscaping, adding timeless charm and a touch of classical beauty to garden landscapes.

Historically, the Acanthus leaf motif, inspired by the distinctive foliage of Acanthus mollis, has graced classical Greek and Roman architecture, particularly adorning Corinthian columns. Today, this enduring plant continues to captivate gardeners and horticulturists, making a statement with its exquisite leaves and unique flower spikes, all while connecting with a rich architectural legacy.

Botanical family: Acanthaceae

Botanical genus: Acanthus

Botanical species: Acanthus mollis

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