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Acer negundo 50-90cm

Acer negundo 50-90cm

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Plant Description

Acer negundo, commonly known as the Box Elder or Manitoba Maple, is a deciduous tree native to North America. Despite being a member of the maple family, it possesses distinctive features that set it apart from its more traditional counterparts.

The Box Elder is recognized for its fast growth and relatively short lifespan compared to other maples. It typically reaches a height of 50 to 75 feet (15 to 23 meters) with a broad, rounded crown. The compound leaves consist of three to seven leaflets, which exhibit a light green hue in spring and turn yellow in the fall, creating a vibrant seasonal display.

Inconspicuous clusters of flowers appear in spring, followed by the development of paired winged seeds, or samaras, in late summer. These seeds are often red or pink, adding a touch of color to the tree.

Acer negundo is adaptable to a variety of soil conditions, including those in urban environments, making it a resilient choice for landscaping. However, it is worth noting that it is considered somewhat invasive in some regions.

While the Box Elder may not boast the fiery autumn hues of other maples, its adaptability, rapid growth, and tolerance to diverse conditions make it a practical choice for shade, windbreaks, and ornamental purposes in a range of landscapes.

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Botanical family: Sapindaceae

Botanical genus: Acer

Botanical species: Acer negundo


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