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Acer buergerianum SEEDS

Acer buergerianum SEEDS

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Acer buergerianum, commonly known as the Trident Maple, is a charming deciduous tree originating from East Asia, primarily China and Japan. This tree is celebrated for its unique characteristics and ornamental value. Here's a concise description of Acer buergerianum:

Foliage: The Trident Maple is named for its distinctive leaves, which are divided into three lobes, resembling a trident or a pitchfork. During the summer, the leaves are a rich green, but they transform into brilliant shades of red, orange, or yellow in the fall, creating a spectacular display of autumnal colors.

Size: Relatively petite compared to other maple species, this tree typically reaches heights of 6 to 9 meters (20 to 30 feet). Its compact size makes it a popular choice for urban gardens, courtyards, and smaller landscapes.

Bark: Acer buergerianum boasts smooth grayish bark that enhances its aesthetic appeal year-round, particularly during the winter months.

Flowers: In spring, the tree produces inconspicuous greenish-yellow flowers in clusters. While the flowers themselves are not showy, they mark the start of the growing season and add to the tree's overall charm.

Cultivation: Trident Maples are highly adaptable. They thrive in a variety of soil types and can withstand challenging urban conditions, including pollution and compacted soil. Their manageable size makes them a suitable choice for small gardens and urban landscapes.

Bonsai: Acer buergerianum is esteemed in the world of bonsai. Its small leaves, attractive bark, and graceful form make it a preferred selection for bonsai enthusiasts.

In summary, Acer buergerianum, or the Trident Maple, is a captivating deciduous tree known for its distinctive foliage, compact size, and versatility in both traditional landscaping and the art of bonsai. Its seasonal transformations and adaptability have earned it a cherished place among gardeners and tree enthusiasts.


Botanical family: Sapindaceae

Botanical genus: Acer

Botanical species: Acer buergerianum

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