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Gymnocalycium armatum VARIEGATED

Gymnocalycium armatum VARIEGATED

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The solitary and dense Gymnocalycium armatum is native to Argentina and can grow about 3 to 4 centimeters in height. Belonging to the Cactaceae family, this flattened plant goes dormant in winter.

Growth Rate
Even though the plant is a slow-growing cactus, it is eye pleasing to see its densely covered strong twisted spines that point sideways and downwards.

The open-petaled and funnel-shaped flowers are white and rose in color. These are produced in late spring.

Watering and Feeding
Water the plant abundantly in summers and minimally in winters. No matter what you do, never overwater. Feed Gymnocalycium armatum with a high potassium fertilizer in summer.

The role of the soil is to ensure that its excellent drainage system does not let the plant sit in soggy soil for more than a few hours after watering takes place.

With a hardiness zone of 9b, Gymnocalycium armatum has a frost tolerance of -3.8°C. The cactus is resistant to frost and can survive if kept dry.

The cactus likes ample sunlight but not directly. It prefers to seek shade among shrubs and grasses and hence should be placed that way. Direct sunlight can lead to the loss of flowers.

Since Gymnocalycium armatum produces offsets, it can be propagated through cuttings. For seeding, keep the seeds fresh by storing them in cold conditions.

With Gymnocalycium armatum, you do not have to worry about where it should be planted. From patios to windowsills, simple gardens to terrace planters, this cactus can adapt to all kinds of subtle or fancy environments!

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Gymnocalycium

Botanical species: Gymnocalycium armatum VARIEGATED


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