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Punica granatum cv. "NANA" 10-25cm

Punica granatum cv. "NANA" 10-25cm

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Product Description

Punica granatum cv. "NANA", commonly known as the Dwarf Pomegranate, is a captivating cultivar of the pomegranate tree renowned for its compact size and ornamental value. Unlike its larger counterparts, "Nana" is a miniature version of the pomegranate tree, making it an ideal choice for smaller gardens, patios, or even as an indoor potted plant. This cultivar features attractive glossy green leaves and produces small, vibrant orange-red flowers that later develop into tiny, decorative fruit resembling traditional pomegranates. While the fruits are not typically consumed, the plant's visual appeal and ease of care make it a popular choice for those seeking a touch of Mediterranean charm in their landscapes or homes.

Cultivation: Cultivating Punica granatum cv. "NANA" is straightforward and can be enjoyable when you follow these essential cultivation tips:

  1. Climate: "Nana" pomegranates thrive in warm to temperate climates. They are well-suited to both outdoor and indoor settings, making them adaptable to a variety of environments.

  2. Sunlight: Provide ample sunlight for your "Nana" pomegranate, as it requires full sun exposure to flourish. Place it in a location with at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

  3. Soil: Ensure well-draining soil with good aeration. A mix of potting soil and perlite is suitable for container-grown "Nana" pomegranates. Outdoors, well-draining loamy soil is ideal.

  4. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Pomegranates are somewhat drought-tolerant once established.

  5. Fertilization: Feed your "Nana" pomegranate with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer during the growing season (spring through summer). Follow the package instructions for proper application.

  6. Pruning: Prune to maintain the desired shape and size of the plant. Remove any dead or overcrowded branches to promote air circulation and healthy growth.

  7. Pests and Diseases: Keep an eye out for common pests like aphids and scale insects. Regularly inspect the plant and use appropriate treatments if needed.

  8. Indoor Care: If grown indoors, ensure adequate humidity levels, and provide occasional misting to prevent dryness. Indoor pomegranates may benefit from occasional outdoor exposure to natural sunlight.

  9. Winter Protection: In colder climates, provide protection during the winter months by moving potted "Nana" pomegranates indoors or covering them with frost cloth.

  10. Propagation: "Nana" pomegranates can be propagated through cuttings or by air layering for additional plants.

By following these cultivation tips, you can enjoy the charming presence of Punica granatum cv. "NANA" and its miniature pomegranates in your garden or as an attractive indoor specimen while ensuring its health and vitality.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that picture 1 show adult plant not for sale, the offer is for a plant in the dimension indicated in title description.

Please be aware that most plants change across seasons. For example, some of them will naturally lose leaves or change in colour during colder months. Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations about the plants of your interest.


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