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Haage & Schmidt 1904 Verzeichniss von Blumenzwiebeln

Haage & Schmidt 1904 Verzeichniss von Blumenzwiebeln

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Very rare original catalogue of Haage & Schmidt Erfurt was a historic nursery and seed company located in Erfurt, Germany. The nursery was known for its extensive catalog of plants, including flowers, ornamental plants, and vegetables. It was especially renowned for its collection of cacti and succulents.

Here are some key points about Haage & Schmidt Erfurt nursery:

  1. Founding and History: The nursery was established in the 19th century, and it played a significant role in the cultivation and popularization of cacti and succulents in Europe during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

  2. Catalogs: Haage & Schmidt Erfurt published catalogs that were highly regarded by plant enthusiasts and collectors. These catalogs included detailed descriptions and illustrations of the plants they offered, making them valuable references for growers.

  3. Cacti and Succulents: The nursery specialized in cacti and succulents and was known for introducing and distributing a wide variety of these plants to European collectors and horticulturists. They offered many exotic and rare species.

  4. Contributions to Horticulture: Haage & Schmidt Erfurt made significant contributions to the cultivation, hybridization, and distribution of cacti and succulents. They played a pivotal role in popularizing these plants in European gardens and greenhouses.

  5. Closure: Unfortunately, the nursery closed its doors in the mid-20th century, marking the end of an era in European horticulture. The reasons for its closure may have included changes in horticultural trends and economic factors.

  6. Legacy: Despite its closure, the legacy of Haage & Schmidt Erfurt lives on through the plants that they introduced and the influence they had on cactus and succulent cultivation in Europe. Some of the plants they distributed are still cherished by collectors today.

Many cactus and succulent enthusiasts and collectors value Haage & Schmidt Erfurt's historical contributions to the world of cacti and succulents. Some of the plants originally distributed by the nursery continue to be sought after by collectors and are considered classic and timeless additions to succulent collections.


Year of Publication: 1904


Language: German, French


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