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Ficus carica cv SAN MANGO 120-130cm

Ficus carica cv SAN MANGO 120-130cm

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The Ficus carica cv 'San Mango' is a distinguished cultivar of the common fig, celebrated for its unique attributes and fruit quality. Originating from the regions around San Mango in Italy, this variety has garnered attention for its robust flavor profile and adaptability to various climates. The 'San Mango' fig produces large, succulent fruits with a striking deep purple to black skin and a vibrant red flesh. The fruits are known for their sweetness, rich texture, and a slight hint of berry flavor, making them highly sought after for both fresh consumption and culinary use.

Description: The 'San Mango' fig tree is a vigorous grower, reaching heights and spreads of about 10 to 30 feet, depending on the growing conditions. It features large, lobed leaves that provide dense shade, making it an excellent choice for landscape aesthetics in addition to its fruit-bearing capabilities. The tree tends to produce fruits twice a year in biannual cropping patterns, with the main crop in late summer and a lighter crop earlier in the season. The fruits of the 'San Mango' are notable for their size, often reaching several inches in diameter, and their beautiful contrast between the dark exterior and the richly colored interior.

Cultivation Tips:

  1. Climate: 'San Mango' figs are adaptable to a range of climates but thrive best in warm, temperate zones. They can withstand brief periods of cold but are not suited to prolonged freezing temperatures.
  2. Sunlight: Full sun is essential for optimum growth, fruit development, and sweetness. Ensure the tree receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily.
  3. Soil: This fig cultivar prefers well-draining soil with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH. Amend the soil with organic matter to improve fertility and drainage.
  4. Watering: Regular, moderate watering is necessary, especially during the dry periods and in the growing season. Overwatering or waterlogged soils should be avoided to prevent root rot.
  5. Pruning: Prune in the late winter to remove any dead or diseased branches, to maintain shape, and to encourage airflow and sunlight penetration throughout the canopy.
  6. Fertilization: Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in early spring to promote healthy growth and fruiting. Additional light feeding can be done in early summer to support the development of the main crop.
  7. Pest and Disease Management: Regularly inspect for signs of pests and diseases. Employ organic or chemical controls as necessary, focusing on preventive measures to maintain a healthy tree.

The 'San Mango' fig is not just a fruit tree but a piece of Italian agricultural heritage, offering gardeners and farmers alike the opportunity to cultivate a variety with exceptional taste and visual appeal. With proper care and cultivation practices, the 'San Mango' can be a prolific producer, offering bountiful crops of delicious figs that can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that picture 1 show fruit of adult plant not for sale, the offer is for a plant in the dimension indicated in title description.


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