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Euphorbia obesa BROWN LINES

Euphorbia obesa BROWN LINES

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Euphorbia obesa, aptly nicknamed the Baseball Plant, is a remarkable succulent that hails from the arid regions of South Africa. This small, globular plant has gained popularity for its unique appearance, resembling a green, spiky ball.

The Baseball Plant features a spherical body covered in distinctive, geometric patterns of ridges and tubercles, giving it the appearance of a perfectly shaped ball. The coloration can range from a pale green to a bluish-green hue, adding to its visual appeal.

This succulent is part of the Euphorbiaceae family, and like all Euphorbias, it produces a milky sap that can be irritating to the skin and eyes, so care should be taken when handling it.

In its natural habitat, Euphorbia obesa experiences hot, dry conditions, and it has adapted to store water within its thick stem to withstand periods of drought. Cultivating this succulent requires well-draining soil, abundant sunlight, and a careful approach to watering, mimicking its native environment.

Euphorbia obesa is a popular choice among succulent enthusiasts, both for its charming appearance and the relative ease of care. Whether featured in a succulent garden, container arrangement, or as a standalone curiosity, the Baseball Plant adds a touch of whimsy and natural elegance to any collection.


A phytosanitary certificate (for additional costs of €20,00) is necessary for export plants from Italy to ALL destinations out of EUROPEAN COMMUNITY.

Among which: United Kingdom Turkey, South America, USA, CanadaAustralia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, etc.


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