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Echinopsis eyriesii CRESTED cv "DARK CHOCHOLATE"

Echinopsis eyriesii CRESTED cv "DARK CHOCHOLATE"

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Echinopsis eyriesii, when in its crested form, becomes a fascinating and highly ornamental cactus. The standard Echinopsis eyriesii is known for its spherical to elongated shape and large, showy flowers, but the crested variant offers a distinct and visually striking appearance.

In its crested form, Echinopsis eyriesii develops a unique growth pattern characterized by a broad, wavy crest. This unusual growth is the result of a mutation in the cactus's apical meristem, the growth point, which causes the plant to grow in a linear, horizontal manner instead of its typical vertical growth. The result is a plant that features ripple-like ridges and valleys, creating an almost sculptural appearance.

This cactus typically has a lush green color, with a texture that can range from smooth to slightly spiny along the crest. Despite the dramatic alteration in form, the crested Echinopsis eyriesii may still produce its beautiful flowers, although this can be less frequent compared to the non-crested version.

Crested Echinopsis eyriesii is a prized variety among cactus enthusiasts and collectors due to its rarity and unique aesthetic appeal. It is a slow-growing plant, adding to its value and rarity. In terms of care, it requires conditions similar to other Echinopsis species: a well-draining soil mix, plenty of sunlight, and moderate watering, with a reduction in water during the winter months. It is also important to protect this cactus from frost, as it is not tolerant of very cold temperatures.

Overall, the crested Echinopsis eyriesii is an exceptional plant that is sure to be a standout in any collection of cacti and succulents. Its striking and unusual form, combined with the potential for beautiful blooms, makes it a desirable and rewarding plant for enthusiasts and gardeners alike.



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