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Copiapoa humilis X serpentisulcata N10

Copiapoa humilis X serpentisulcata N10

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The Copiapoa humilis hybrid showcases a mix of traits influenced by its base species, Copiapoa humilis, often crossed with other Copiapoa varieties. This hybrid is characterized by its small, globular form which may cluster into multi-headed groupings. It typically reaches about 10-15 cm in height. The skin color ranges from deep green to slightly bluish tones, with a thick, waxy coating to reduce water loss. Its spines are sparse but sharp, colored in shades of brown or black. The cactus blooms with small, bright yellow or sometimes white flowers, providing a stark contrast to its darker foliage.

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Copiapoa

Botanical species: Copiapoa humilis X serpentisulcata


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