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Copiapoa solaris AX2

Copiapoa solaris AX2

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Copiapoa solaris is a distinctive cactus species native to the coastal deserts of northern Chile. This cactus grows in a globular to short columnar form, reaching up to 25 cm in height and 15 cm in diameter. The skin is a pale green to bluish-green, often covered with a fine layer of white wool that helps reflect the intense sunlight and conserve moisture. The spines are relatively long, straight, and range in color from yellow to brown, providing a striking contrast against the lighter body. During the summer, Copiapoa solaris blooms with bright yellow flowers, adding a vibrant touch to its otherwise subdued appearance.

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Copiapoa

Botanical species: Copiapoa solaris


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