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Copiapoa cinerea X haseltoniana RAF2

Copiapoa cinerea X haseltoniana RAF2

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Copiapoa hybrids are fascinating results of crossbreeding within the Copiapoa genus, native to the deserts of northern Chile. These hybrids typically inherit the robust, globular form of their parent species, featuring thick, waxy skins to minimize water loss. The surface is often dotted with areoles from which spines of varying thickness and length protrude, providing defense against herbivores. The flowers of Copiapoa hybrids are usually yellow or white, blooming close to the crown of the cactus and offering a striking contrast to their dark, greenish-grey bodies.

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Copiapoa

Botanical species: Copiapoa cinerea X haseltoniana


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