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Copiapoa cinerea X atacamensis P6

Copiapoa cinerea X atacamensis P6

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Copiapoa cinerea X atacamensis is a hybrid cactus resulting from the crossbreeding of Copiapoa cinerea and Copiapoa atacamensis.

  1. Appearance: Copiapoa cinerea X atacamensis typically exhibits characteristics from both parent species. It may have a globular or columnar growth habit, with a dense covering of spines.

  2. Coloration: The coloration of this hybrid can vary, often displaying shades of gray, green, or brown. It may also have subtle hues of pink or purple, especially under stress conditions.

  3. Spines: Like its parent species, Copiapoa cinerea X atacamensis features robust and rigid spines. The spines may be straight or slightly curved, and they vary in length and coloration depending on the individual plant.

  4. Flowers: This hybrid may produce flowers similar to those of its parent species, typically in shades of yellow or orange. The flowers are usually small and emerge from the top of the cactus during the blooming season.

  5. Size: The size of Copiapoa cinerea X atacamensis can vary depending on environmental conditions and genetic factors. It may range from small to medium-sized specimens.

  6. Habitat: This hybrid cactus may thrive in arid desert regions, similar to its parent species. It prefers well-draining soil and ample sunlight.

  7. Cultivation: Copiapoa cinerea X atacamensis is cultivated by cactus enthusiasts for its unique appearance and hybrid vigor. It requires similar care to its parent species, including minimal watering, well-draining soil, and protection from frost.

Copiapoa cinerea X atacamensis is valued for its intriguing combination of characteristics inherited from both Copiapoa cinerea and Copiapoa atacamensis.


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