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Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO X humilis SAB80 (3,5-T6,5)

Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO X humilis SAB80 (3,5-T6,5)

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Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO x humilis: A Gardener's Guide


Discover the allure of the Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO x humilis, a rare hybrid that combines the best traits of its parent species. This guide delves into the unique characteristics of this exceptional cactus and offers practical tips for its cultivation. Ideal for both avid collectors and beginners with a penchant for rare succulents, learn how to care for the Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO x humilis and make it a standout addition to your collection.

Description of Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO x humilis

Physical Characteristics

The Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO x humilis hybrid is celebrated for its striking appearance, which merges the globular form of Copiapoa humilis with the frosty blue-green hue of Copiapoa cinerea. This slow-growing cactus forms dense clusters, creating a captivating display. Its body is adorned with pronounced ribs and areoles, from which emerge sparse, yellowish spines. During the flowering season, it boasts vibrant yellow flowers that contrast beautifully against its blue-green skin.

Growth Behavior

This hybrid exhibits a robust growth pattern, thriving under conditions that mimic its native habitat. It's a testament to the resilience and beauty of desert plants, adapting well to cultivation with proper care.

Cultivation Tips

Soil and Watering

For the Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO x humilis, a well-draining soil mix is crucial. Opt for a cactus or succulent blend, augmented with perlite or pumice, to enhance drainage. Watering should be moderate during the growing season, allowing the soil to dry thoroughly between watering. In winter, reduce watering significantly to prevent root rot.

Light and Temperature

This hybrid prefers bright, indirect sunlight. While it appreciates the morning sun, shield it from the intense midday rays to prevent scorching. It thrives in temperatures ranging from 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F), but it should be protected from frost, which can damage the plant.


Propagation is commonly achieved through seeds or offsets. For seeds, ensure a warm, moist environment for germination. If using offsets, allow the cut surface to callous over for a few days before planting in well-draining soil. Patience is key, as growth can be slow.

Pest Management

Keep an eye out for common pests such as mealybugs and spider mites. Regular inspections and prompt treatment with appropriate insecticides or natural remedies can help manage these pests and keep your plant healthy.


The Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO x humilis is a rare and beautiful hybrid that can add diversity and interest to any succulent collection. With proper care, this resilient plant can thrive and bring joy to gardeners for years to come. Embrace the challenge of cultivating this unique specimen and enjoy the rewards of your efforts.


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