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Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO X Copiapoa humilis NAP10

Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO X Copiapoa humilis NAP10

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Description of the Copiapoa Genus: The genus Copiapoa is represented by a group of cacti that has its roots in the coastal and hill regions of northern Chile, predominantly in the Atacama Desert, known as one of the driest territories on the planet. Here's an overview of the general characteristics of the Copiapoa genus:

  • Morphological Appearance: Copiapoa cacti exhibit a wide range of shapes and sizes, with stems that can be spherical, cylindrical, or globular. These stems can be solitary or form dense clusters.
  • Spines and Areoles: Spines are a distinctive feature of Copiapoa plants, emerging from small areoles distributed along the surface of the stem. Spines can come in various shapes and colors, depending on the species and the environment in which they grow.
  • Flowers: Copiapoa flowers are relatively small but often quite showy. They typically bloom at the apex of the stems and can be of different shades, including yellow, red, orange, or pink.
  • Adaptations to Arid Climate: These cacti are adapted to survive in extreme desert conditions, with scarce rainfall and high temperatures. They have developed water conservation mechanisms, such as swollen stems that allow them to store water reserves.

Description of the Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO X Copiapoa humilis Hybrid:

Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO X Copiapoa humilis is a rare and beautiful hybrid exclusively produced in our nursery Botanical Archive. This hybrid combines the unique characteristics of two Copiapoa species, creating an extraordinary plant with particular charm.

The stems of this hybrid can exhibit a spherical or cylindrical shape, with distinctive "kikko" patterns, providing a fascinating geometric appearance. The ribs are well-defined and often adorned with dense clusters of spines. The coloration of the stems can vary, but often displays shades of gray-green, captivating to the observer's eye.

During the flowering season, the hybrid produces magnificent flowers in vibrant colors, ranging from yellow to orange to red, adding further beauty and interest to the plant.

The Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO X Copiapoa humilis hybrid is considered a treasure in our Botanical Archive nursery due to its rarity and extraordinary beauty. Each specimen is cultivated with care and dedication to ensure it retains its unique characteristics and optimal health. It is a valuable addition to any succulent plant collection and an extraordinary expression of nature's beauty.


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