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Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO GREY

Copiapoa cinerea KIKKO GREY

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Product Description

The Copiapoa cinerea "Kikko Grey" is a particularly unique and sought-after variety among succulent enthusiasts, belonging to the Copiapoa genus. This plant is native to the desert regions of Chile, especially around the area of Copiapó, from which it takes its name. Its designation "Kikko" refers to the resemblance of its stem surfaces to the shell of a turtle, featuring a hexagonal or pentagonal pattern, reminiscent of the Japanese samurai armors called "Kikko". The "Grey" specificity describes the unique color of its stems.

The Copiapoa cinerea "Kikko Grey" presents the following distinctive features:

  • Stems: The stems have a columnar shape with a special texture that resembles the shell of a turtle. The color ranges from gray to blue-gray, making this plant extremely attractive to enthusiasts.
  • Flowers: Like other species in the Copiapoa genus, it produces yellow flowers that bloom near the top of the stems during the flowering season.
  • Growth: The growth of this plant is relatively slow, and it can reach considerable sizes over the years. It tends to form groups by producing offshoots from the base.
  • Habitat: Native to desert environments, the Copiapoa cinerea "Kikko Grey" is adapted to survive in conditions of low water availability and high sun exposure.

In terms of rarity, the Copiapoa cinerea "Kikko Grey" is considered a rare and highly sought-after plant by enthusiasts and collectors of cacti. Its uniqueness lies in the particular texture and color of the stems, as well as its relative scarcity in the trade. Its cultivation is generally reserved for experienced hobbyists or collectors, as it requires specific conditions similar to its natural habitat, such as well-draining soil, low humidity, and direct sun exposure. Its limited availability and the difficulty of cultivation contribute to its rarity and value among enthusiasts


Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Copiapoa

Botanical species: Copiapoa cinerea


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