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Copiapoa cinerascens LF3

Copiapoa cinerascens LF3

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Copiapoa cinerascens is a striking cactus species native to the coastal deserts of northern Chile, particularly renowned for its adaptation to extreme arid conditions and its unique aesthetic appeal. This species is part of the Copiapoa genus, which includes some of the most fascinating cacti adapted to some of the driest environments on Earth. Here’s a closer look at the characteristics of Copiapoa cinerascens:


  • Appearance: The most notable feature of Copiapoa cinerascens is its dense covering of silvery-white spines that contrast beautifully against its dark green to blue-green spherical bodies. Over time, these cacti can become columnar. The spines are not just decorative; they also serve to protect the cactus from intense sunlight and to collect moisture from the fog, which is crucial for its survival in its native habitat.
  • Size: It generally remains compact, with individual plants often not exceeding 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter. However, older specimens can grow larger and may start to clump, forming groups with several heads.
  • Flowers: It blooms with yellow flowers that emerge from the top of the cactus, typically during the spring and early summer. The flowers add an extra layer of interest to this already visually appealing plant.
  • Growth Habit: With age, Copiapoa cinerascens tends to cluster, producing offsets around the base of the main stem, which can lead to impressive mounded groupings over many years.

      Botanical family: Cactaceae

      Botanical genus: Copiapoa

      Botanical species: Copiapoa dura


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