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Copiapoa calderana subs. longistaminea 7ZF

Copiapoa calderana subs. longistaminea 7ZF

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Product Description

Copiapoa calderana subs. longistaminea, a subspecies of the Copiapoa calderana, is a captivating and somewhat rare cactus found in the coastal deserts of northern Chile. This plant is highly valued among cactus enthusiasts for its distinctive appearance and its ability to thrive in harsh, arid environments. Here’s a detailed description of this intriguing cactus:


  • Appearance: Copiapoa calderana subs. longistaminea is known for its spherical to slightly elongated green bodies, which can become more columnar as they age. The surface is covered in a dense network of areoles from which emerge long, thin spines that can vary in color from yellow to dark brown.
  • Size: This subspecies tends to be smaller than its parent species, usually not exceeding 6 inches in height and diameter. However, in optimal conditions and over many years, it may grow slightly larger.
  • Flowers: It produces beautiful yellow flowers that contrast strikingly with its dark spines and green body. The flowers typically appear at the top of the cactus during the spring and early summer months.
  • Stem: The stem is green, often with a bluish hue, and can show signs of wool and bristle in the crown, especially near the flowering area.
  • Spines: The characteristic long stamens (from which its name is derived) distinguish it from other subspecies. These spines can provide a unique and striking appearance, adding to its ornamental value

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Copiapoa

Botanical species: Copiapoa calderana subs. longistaminea


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