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Cecropia peltata SEEDS

Cecropia peltata SEEDS

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Cecropia peltata, commonly known as Trumpet Tree or Snakewood, is a fast-growing, tropical tree native to Central and South America. This tree is notable for its striking, palmate leaves, hollow trunk, and its ecological significance as a host plant for various insects and wildlife. Here's a brief description of Cecropia peltata:

Cecropia peltata is a medium to large-sized tree that typically reaches heights of 30 to 60 feet (9 to 18 meters) or more when fully mature. It features a distinctive growth habit characterized by large, palmate leaves arranged in clusters at the ends of long, slender branches. The leaves are deeply lobed and have a tropical, lush appearance, often measuring up to 2 feet (60 cm) in width. They are bright green and provide ample shade beneath the tree's canopy.

One of the most remarkable features of Cecropia peltata is its hollow, jointed trunk, which is segmented into sections resembling bamboo. This unique trunk structure provides nesting sites for ants, which form a mutualistic relationship with the tree, protecting it from herbivores and benefiting from food sources.

Cecropia peltata is dioecious, meaning individual trees are either male or female, and both are required for reproduction. The tree produces inconspicuous, greenish-yellow flowers that are wind-pollinated. Following pollination, female trees produce small, edible fruit clusters that are attractive to birds and other wildlife.

This tree is a pioneer species, often one of the first to colonize disturbed areas in tropical forests. It is known for its rapid growth and can quickly establish itself in open spaces.

Cecropia peltata plays a vital ecological role as a host plant for various insects, including butterflies and moths. It also provides shelter and nesting sites for numerous bird species, making it an essential component of tropical ecosystems.

While Cecropia peltata is not typically grown as an ornamental tree due to its large size and aggressive growth, it is valued for its ecological contributions and is an iconic presence in the lush tropical landscapes of its native range.


Botanical family: Malvaceae

Botanical genus: Cecropia

Botanical species: Cecropia peltata

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