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Cactus & Succulent Journal Volume XLV, November-December 1973 number 2

Cactus & Succulent Journal Volume XLV, November-December 1973 number 2

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The "Cactus & Succulent Journal" is a well-known publication in the world of cactus and succulent enthusiasts. It is a journal or magazine that focuses on cacti, succulents, and related plants, providing valuable information, articles, and resources for enthusiasts, collectors, and growers. Here are some key points about the "Cactus & Succulent Journal":

  1. Publisher: The "Cactus & Succulent Journal" is published by the Cactus and Succulent Society of America (CSSA). The CSSA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study, conservation, and cultivation of cacti and succulents.

  2. Content: The journal typically features a wide range of content related to cacti and succulents, including articles on plant care, cultivation techniques, species profiles, habitat information, botanical studies, and reports on CSSA activities and events.

  3. Contributors: The journal often includes contributions from experts in the field, including botanists, horticulturists, and experienced growers. These contributors share their knowledge and experiences with readers.

  4. Plant Profiles: It may include detailed plant profiles, showcasing various species and cultivars of cacti and succulents. These profiles often provide information on plant characteristics, habitat, and cultivation requirements.

  5. Illustrations and Photographs: The "Cactus & Succulent Journal" typically includes high-quality illustrations and photographs of cacti and succulents, allowing readers to visually appreciate these unique plants.

  6. Regular Issues: The journal is usually published on a regular schedule, such as quarterly or bi-monthly. Subscribers receive the journal as part of their membership in the CSSA, or it can be purchased individually.


Year of Publication: 1973


Language: English


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