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Astrophytum capricorne (south of Mina, Nuevo León) CRA11

Astrophytum capricorne (south of Mina, Nuevo León) CRA11

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Astrophytum capricorne, known as the Goat's Horn Cactus due to its distinctive curved spines that resemble the horns of a goat, is a remarkable species within the Cactaceae family. Originating from the Chihuahuan Desert in Northern Mexico, this cactus has intrigued botanists and enthusiasts alike since its discovery. The species was officially described in 1851 by Dr. Albert Dietrich as Echinocactus capricornis, and later, in 1922, Britton and Rose reclassified it into the Astrophytum genus.

Description and Unique Features Astrophytum capricorne is characterized by its solitary, gray-green stem that can grow up to 1.2 meters tall and 15 cm in diameter over many years. The stem, covered in white woolly flecks, typically has 8 ribs adorned with 5 to 10 long, grey to brown spines per areole that can reach up to 7 cm in length. Young plants present a globular shape, which gradually becomes ovoid and eventually columnar with age. The cactus blooms in summer, producing sweet-smelling, yellow flowers with a red center, and its fruits are reddish, covered with flattened spin

Cultivation Tips Astrophytum capricorne thrives in environments that closely mimic its native desert habitat. It requires a well-draining soil mix and plenty of direct sunlight to flourish. Young plants should be protected from intense sunlight to prevent scorching. Watering should be moderate during the growing season, allowing the soil to completely dry between waterings. In winter, reduce watering significantly to mimic the natural dry season. Temperatures should be kept between 60-75°F (16-24°C) during active growth periods, with a cooler winter rest period between 45-50°F (7-10°C). Fertilization should be minimal, only during the growing season, to avoid promoting excessive growth at the expense of the plant's natural form.

Rarity and Value of Old Specimens Old specimens of Astrophytum capricorne are highly sought after by cactus enthusiasts and collectors, with their value increasing with age and size. These specimens, especially those with unique spine formations or those that have flowered multiple times, are considered rare treasures in private collections. The slow growth rate and difficulty in mimicking the natural growing conditions contribute to the rarity and desirability of mature Astrophytum capricorne. Collectors often pride themselves on owning large, well-formed specimens, which are a testament to their skill and dedication to cactus cultivation.

In summary, Astrophytum capricorne captivates with its unique appearance and the challenge it presents to growers. Its history, from discovery to its status as a prized specimen in collections, underscores the fascination with and dedication to preserving these living sculptures. Cultivating Astrophytum capricorne requires patience and a commitment to understanding its needs, making it a rewarding endeavor for those passionate about cacti.


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