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Ariocarrpus agavoides BA9

Ariocarrpus agavoides BA9

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Ariocarpus agavoides is a unique and relatively rare species in the Ariocarpus family, which resembles the appearance of an agave, hence its name. This slow-growing succulent has a compact, star-shaped structure with triangular, fleshy tubercles that mimic the leaves of an agave. The green to blue-green coloration of the tubercles adds to its agave-like appearance. Typically found in small sizes, it thrives in rocky, limestone-rich soils. It rarely blooms, but when it does, it produces small, white or pink flowers from the center of the rosette, adding a delicate contrast to its robust form.

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Ariocarrpus

Botanical species: Ariocarrpus agavoides


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