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Orbea semota ssp. orientalis (TANZANIA) staplia orbea pseudolithos SEEDS

Orbea semota ssp. orientalis (TANZANIA) staplia orbea pseudolithos SEEDS

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Orbea semota ssp. orientalis (Tanzania) is a unique and intriguing succulent plant that hails from the eastern African country of Tanzania. This particular subspecies of Orbea semota is renowned for its striking appearance and is highly sought after by succulent enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

The plant belongs to the Asclepiadaceae family and is commonly referred to as a "carrion flower" due to its unusual method of pollination. Orbea semota ssp. orientalis features fleshy, star-shaped flowers that often bear a resemblance to rotting meat, emitting a pungent odor to attract flies, which serve as pollinators. This adaptation is a fascinating example of nature's creativity in ensuring successful reproduction.

The succulent's stems are typically thick, angular, and greyish-green, with distinctive markings and patterns that add to its visual appeal. Its ability to thrive in arid conditions and its unique flowers make it a sought-after addition to desert gardens and collections of rare and exotic succulents.

Orbea semota ssp. orientalis (Tanzania) is not only a botanical curiosity but also a captivating and conversation-worthy plant that offers a glimpse into the diverse and intriguing world of succulents from the African continent.

Botanical family: Asclepiadaceae

Botanical genus: Orbea

Botanical species: Orbea semota

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