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Euphorbia obesa RED BODY SEM41

Euphorbia obesa RED BODY SEM41

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Euphorbia Obesa: Description and Cultivation Techniques


Discover the fascinating Euphorbia Obesa, a charming and unusual succulent that stands out for its unique spherical shape and decorative stripes. This guide is designed to provide a detailed description of Euphorbia Obesa, along with expert cultivation tips, helping you get the most out of this succulent. Perfect for those looking to enrich their collection with an unusual-looking plant, here you'll find all the necessary information for optimal care of Euphorbia Obesa.

Description of Euphorbia Obesa

Physical Characteristics

Euphorbia Obesa is known for its almost perfectly spherical shape, making it an interesting addition to any succulent collection. The plant features a striped pattern varying from green to gray, with small reddish or purplish marks that can appear with direct sunlight exposure. Despite the absence of spines, Euphorbia Obesa retains strong resistance thanks to its thick skin, which helps it retain water. During the flowering season, it produces small yellow-green flowers, adding a further touch of color.

Growth and Development

This plant has slow growth and can reach up to 20 cm (about 8 inches) in height and width over time. Its unusual shape and ease of maintenance make it a popular subject among collectors.

Cultivation Techniques

Soil and Watering

Euphorbia Obesa requires well-draining soil, ideal for cacti and succulents. A mix of succulent soil with added perlite or coarse sand is perfect for ensuring the necessary drainage. Water the plant only when the soil is completely dry, avoiding water stagnation that could cause root rot.

Exposure and Temperature

It prefers full sun or partial shade, where it can receive at least a few hours of direct sunlight a day. Euphorbia Obesa tolerates a wide range of temperatures but is sensitive to excessive cold. Protect it from temperatures below 5°C (41°F), moving it indoors or to a sheltered place during the colder months.


Propagation of Euphorbia Obesa can be done through seeds or, more rarely, by dividing mature plants. Seed propagation requires patience, as germination and growth are slow processes.


Euphorbia Obesa is an excellent choice for those who wish to add an exotic touch to their plant collection. With its unique form and minimal care requirements, this succulent offers beauty and interest with relatively limited effort. Following the cultivation tips provided, you can enjoy the company of Euphorbia Obesa for many years


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