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Copiapoa vallenarensis X Copiapoa cinerea

Copiapoa vallenarensis X Copiapoa cinerea

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Product Description

Copiapoa vallenarensis and Copiapoa cinerea hybridize to create a unique cactus blend. This hybrid inherits traits from both parents, boasting a striking appearance and resilience to desert conditions. With features like its globular or cylindrical stems and dense covering of woolly spines, it showcases characteristics from both parent species. These cacti typically thrive in well-drained, sandy soils of arid environments, enduring extreme temperatures and limited water availability. The resulting hybrid inherits a blend of traits that make it both visually captivating and well-suited to survive in harsh desert landscapes.

Botanical family: Cactaceae

Botanical genus: Copiapoa

Botanical species: Copiapoa vallenarensis X Copiapoa cinerea


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