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Copiapoa tenuissima SOUTH-EAST OF ANTOFAGASTA TR1-81

Copiapoa tenuissima SOUTH-EAST OF ANTOFAGASTA TR1-81

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Copiapoa is a genus of flowering plants in the cactus family Cactaceae, from the dry coastal deserts particularly the Atacama desert of northern Chile.

It comprises 32 morphologically defined species and 5 heterotypic subspecies.

Copiapoa tenuissima is a species of cactus belonging to the Copiapoa genus, native to the desert regions of Chile. Here's a description of this species:


  1. Appearance: Copiapoa tenuissima is characterized by a globular or columnar body, often solitary or sometimes clustered in dense groups. Plants can vary considerably in size, with some specimens growing into large plants.

  2. Body: The body of this species is typically green-gray or gray-green, with well-defined ribs extending vertically along the stem. Plants may have a cylindrical or slightly flattened shape.

  3. Spines: Copiapoa tenuissima has robust and rigid spines that grow along the ribs of the stem. Spines can vary in length and color, ranging from yellow to brown.

  4. Flowers: During the flowering season, this species produces yellow or orange-colored flowers that bloom from the top of the cactus body. The flowers are usually quite small and bell-shaped.

  5. Size: The size of Copiapoa tenuissima can vary considerably, with some plants growing only a few centimeters tall and others reaching considerable heights.

  6. Habitat: This species is endemic to the coastal desert regions of northern Chile, where it grows in arid sandy soils. It is adapted to extremely arid conditions and high temperatures.

  7. Cultivation: Copiapoa tenuissima is a species appreciated by cactus collectors for its beauty and resilience. It requires similar care to other cactus species, including moderate watering and well-draining soil. It is important to protect it from frost in winter.



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