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Copiapoa humilis T10

Copiapoa humilis T10

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Copiapoa humilis, a unique cactus species, is indigenous to Chile's desert regions. Here's a detailed description and some cultivation tips:


  1. Appearance: It's a small, globular cactus, usually solitary but can sometimes form clusters. The cacti are about 6 to 15 cm in diameter.
  2. Color: The body color ranges from dark green to blue-green.
  3. Spines: The spines are notable for their thick, strong structure, appearing in shades of yellow, brown, or black. Younger spines tend to be more yellowish.
  4. Flowers: The flowers are typically yellow or yellowish-white, blooming near the crown of the cactus.
  5. Fruit: After flowering, it produces small, round fruits.

Cultivation Tips

  1. Lighting: Prefers bright light but should be protected from the harshest midday sun. A spot with partial shade is ideal.
  2. Temperature: It thrives in warm conditions and requires protection from frost. Ideal temperature range is between 10-25°C (50-77°F).
  3. Watering: Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Overwatering can lead to root rot, especially in cooler months.
  4. Soil: Requires well-draining soil. A cactus mix or a blend of sand, perlite, and regular potting soil works well.
  5. Feeding: Use a diluted cactus fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer) once every four weeks.
  6. Repotting: Repot every two to three years or when the cactus outgrows its pot. Always handle with care to avoid damaging the spines.
  7. Propagation: Can be propagated from seeds, but it's a slow-growing plant, so patience is required.

Growing Copiapoa humilis can be a rewarding experience, especially for cactus enthusiasts. Its unique appearance and resilient nature make it a popular choice for cactus collections.


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