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Copiapoa griseoviolacea X Copiapoa goldii 993

Copiapoa griseoviolacea X Copiapoa goldii 993

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Descrizione del prodotto

Copiapoa griseoviolacea x Copiapoa goldii is a rare and intriguing hybrid between two cactus species native to the arid regions of Chile. This cross combines the distinctive features of Copiapoa griseoviolacea, known for its grey-violet color and globular shape, with those of Copiapoa goldii, distinguished for its spectacular golden spines and its tendency to form dense clusters. The resulting hybrid offers a fascinating blend of these qualities, making it particularly appealing to collectors and cactus enthusiasts.


The hybrid tends to display a globular or slightly elongated form, typical of the Copiapoa genus, with the potential to develop clusters or remain as solitary specimens. The body color ranges from dark green to grey-violet, often with shades that reflect the genetic influence of both parents. The spines are one of the most distinctive aspects of this hybrid, combining the length and robustness of Copiapoa goldii's spines with the color and arrangement of those from Copiapoa griseoviolacea, resulting in a crown of spines that can vary from golden yellow to grey.

Flowering typically occurs in spring or early summer, with flowers emerging near the crown of the plant. The flowers are usually yellow, adding an additional layer of contrast and aesthetic interest to the cactus.

Cultivation Tips

Light: This hybrid requires a very bright position, preferably with direct sunlight for at least a few hours each day. However, in hotter regions, partial shade may be necessary during the hottest hours to prevent scorching.

Soil: Well-draining cactus-specific soil is necessary to prevent waterlogging and subsequent root rot. A mixture of cactus potting soil with added coarse sand or perlite is ideal.

Watering: During the growing season (spring-summer), water moderately, allowing the soil to completely dry out between waterings. Significantly reduce watering during the winter months.

Temperature: This hybrid is resistant to the typical temperatures of the Chilean deserts from which the parents originate but should be protected from frost. It is suitable for outdoor cultivation in areas with mild winters or as an indoor plant in colder regions.

Fertilizing: A low-nitrogen, cactus-specific fertilizer can be applied sparingly during the growing season to support the plant's health and flowering.


Copiapoa griseoviolacea x Copiapoa goldii is a remarkable hybrid that impressively combines the characteristics of its parents, creating a cactus of great beauty and interest. Its care is not particularly demanding, following the general guidelines for cactus cultivation, and can offer great satisfaction to enthusiasts due to its unique aesthetics and rarity.


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