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Ariocarpus retusus GREY 8Z8

Ariocarpus retusus GREY 8Z8

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Product Description

Ariocarpus retusus, commonly known as "Living Rock" or "False Peyote," is a fascinating member of the cactus family. It typically grows in rocky, limestone-rich terrain, often nestled between crevices or partially buried in the soil to protect itself from the harsh sun. This species is known for its unique appearance, characterized by thick, flattened stems with distinct tubercles or ridges. The stems are usually greenish-gray or bluish-green in color and can vary in shape from round to oval. Ariocarpus retusus produces small, star-shaped flowers that range in color from white to pinkish-lavender, blooming from late summer to early autumn. In cultivation, it requires well-draining soil, ample sunlight, and minimal watering to thrive. With its striking form and low maintenance requirements, Ariocarpus retusus is a popular choice among succulent enthusiasts and collectors.

Botanical family:

Botanical genus: Ariocarpus retusus

Botanical species: Ariocarpus


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