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Agave utahensis X cerluata BLUE (Mr Corsi) 7B3

Agave utahensis X cerluata BLUE (Mr Corsi) 7B3

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Product Description

The Agave utahensis x cerulata 'Blue' hybrid by Mr. Corsi represents an extraordinary contribution to the agave world, merging the distinctive traits of Agave utahensis and Agave cerulata into a unique and highly sought-after cultivar. This extremely rare hybrid showcases the best of both parent species, offering a stunning visual appeal and adaptability to various environmental conditions. Here, we delve into the description of this remarkable plant and provide expert cultivation tips to help enthusiasts and gardeners successfully grow this rare gem.

Description of Agave utahensis x cerulata 'Blue' Hybrid

The Agave utahensis x cerulata 'Blue' hybrid exhibits a compact rosette form, characteristic of many agave species, but with distinct features that set it apart. Its leaves are a striking blue-gray color, reflecting the 'Blue' nomenclature and paying homage to its Agave cerulata heritage. These leaves are thick, fleshy, and bear marginal spines and a terminal spine that are a testament to its Agave utahensis genes. The hybrid typically reaches a manageable size, making it an excellent choice for container gardening or as a focal point in rock gardens.

Flowering in this hybrid is a rare event, with a tall spike that may emerge after many years, bearing attractive yellow to green flowers that appeal to pollinators. After flowering, the plant usually dies, as is common with agaves, but it can produce offsets or "pups" that allow the plant to propagate and continue its legacy.

Cultivation Tips

  1. Light Requirements: The Agave utahensis x cerulata 'Blue' hybrid thrives in full sun to partial shade. While it can tolerate high levels of sunlight, some afternoon shade in the hottest parts of the summer can prevent potential leaf scorch.

  2. Soil and Drainage: Well-draining soil is essential for preventing root rot. Use a cactus or succulent potting mix if growing in containers, and consider amending garden soil with sand or gravel to improve drainage.

  3. Watering: This hybrid is drought-tolerant once established, but regular watering during the growing season (spring to early fall) encourages healthier growth. Allow the soil to dry out completely between watering sessions, and reduce watering frequency during the winter months.

  4. Temperature and Hardiness: Agave utahensis x cerulata 'Blue' is relatively cold-hardy, thanks to its Agave utahensis parentage, but it should be protected from frost and extreme cold. In regions where temperatures drop below freezing, consider growing the plant in containers that can be moved indoors or to a sheltered location.

  5. Fertilization: Minimal fertilization is needed. If desired, a light application of a balanced, slow-release fertilizer at the start of the growing season can support growth without promoting excessive moisture retention in the soil.

  6. Pests and Diseases: Monitor for common succulent pests such as mealybugs and scale. Treat any infestations early with insecticidal soap or neem oil to prevent spread. Good cultural practices, such as avoiding water-logged soil, will help prevent most diseases.


Propagation of the Agave utahensis x cerulata 'Blue' hybrid is primarily through offsets or "pups" that the mother plant produces. These can be carefully removed and potted separately once they have developed their own roots, offering a means to multiply this rare plant.


The Agave utahensis x cerulata 'Blue' hybrid by Mr. Corsi is a testament to the beauty and diversity that can be achieved through careful selection and hybridization. Its cultivation requires attention to detail, especially regarding light, water, and soil conditions, but the rewards are significant. This rare hybrid offers a unique aesthetic appeal and the resilience necessary for successful cultivation in a variety of settings. Whether for the seasoned collector or the enthusiastic gardener looking to add a standout piece to their collection, this agave hybrid promises to be a rewarding endeavor

Please be aware that since the day we took pictures of this plant, the plant may have grown, and appear slightly different than what you saw portrayed.


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